Trust the Process: Our Recipe for Success

At Snack PR, we make it simple with a step-by-step recipe for success.

Step 1: Start by telling us what you’re craving. Sample menu offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • Media relations & publicity surrounding your new opening (or reopening!)
  • Social media channel launch or channel refresh in advance of a brand milestone or seasonal/new product launch
  • Influencer marketing to introduce your brand to a new audience
  • Crisis comms to reposition & recover

Step 2: We’ll (sustainably) source and gather all the ingredients

  • We’ll work with you to uncover your goals and objectives, while simultaneously learning everything there is to know about your brand

Step 3: Our team of experts will whisk it all together

  • Let our media teams do the work! We’ll create and execute a tailored strategy designed to garner results and satisfy your cravings
  • At Snack PR, ‘guac is free! We’ll garnish your strategy with our secret sauce free of charge to ensure your brand stands out among its competitors.

Step 4: Voila! Taste the final product

  • Once you’ve savored every last crumb, we’ll provide you with a detailed recap outlining the progress we’ve made toward reaching your goals.

For details about our custom ‘Snack Pack’ strategy method, e-mail


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