New Kid on the Block: Introducing Snack PR

Welcome to the Snack PR family – the newest division of Philadelphia’s premier lifestyle public relations & marketing agency, Cashman & Associates!

Offering a bite-sized version of the award-winning public relations, social media, crisis communications and influencer marketing solutions you’ve come to know and love from our expert team, Snack PR is the perfect complement to our legacy brand – providing lifestyle businesses of all sizes short-term, project-based media campaigns guaranteed to deliver cost-effective results in 90 days or less.

At Snack PR, traditional communications strategies and timelines are replaced in favor of our signature “Snack Pack” strategy method. Each Snack Pack is tailored with highly tactical media support designed to fuel each brand’s individual marketing needs on an expedited timeline – from post-pandemic recovery strategies, business openings, product launch announcements, seasonal promotions, brand refresh campaigns and more!

We’ve seen firsthand how difficult it can be to adjust to today’s “new normal,” and we’re proud to announce our new division at a time when our community’s favorite restaurants, retailers and hospitality businesses need marketing support the most. Our team of creative storytellers, disruptive thinkers and industry vets are here to help lifestyle businesses navigate their recovery strategy during this unprecedented time and rethink their post-pandemic future.


Let us fix you a snack. Sign up to be among the first to receive a taste of Snack PR.


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